Wednesday, January 24, 2007

what isn't weird about me?

I think all my life, up until recently, I thought I was weird because I wasn't like "eveybody else." Only lately have I really embraced my unique creative expression. I wear clothes because they make me happy. I used to think people would think I was if they think I'm's fine with me.

Another foundation piecing scarf...gosh, those are fun to make. I especially like to make them out of cotton flannel... super.soft.on.the.neck! This one may be my favorite. It has lots of colors in it and looks great with everything!! love.that.

on to the six weird things...I was tagged by Becki...

1. My feet and hands are super cold at night, when I climb into bed, my husband covers my feet with his and warms them up...his feet are always hot.

2. I say, "ya know" after most of my drives my sister crazy.

3. I have to sit up to burp. If I am laying down I have to sit all the way up. It just gets stuck down there.

4. I start lots of projects and they sit around forever, before I finish them. ex: pink quilt..still on the kitchen table. We haven't seen the kitchen table for at least a week.

5. Before I push the start button on the washing machine I have to have the fabric softner cup in my hand, so I can pour the softner in and dilute it with water. Even I think it's weird.... every time.

6. I live on a lake, wear a swim suit, but don't get in the water. Even though I have heard that it is "really clean" water. Gross.

I think anyone who wants to tell six weird things already have!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

May I introduce,

Minnie Mouse. You can't say we don't have fun around here!! Oh, yes this is a real mouse, not a computer mouse! Minnie will be running a maze to find cheese and peanut butter...hopefully, she can run quickly. She will be timed to see how long it takes to get there! Any guesses? Oldest has predicted 25 seconds. At a $1.99, I think she can be replaced if her life expectancy proves to be short...
On to more exciting things, I am almost finished with the little scrappy pink quilt top I started on Friday. I love pink fabric! The pinks have been accumulating, I decided to try a new technique and cut really long strips, then sewed them together lengthwise. At some point during my sewing/cutting, the lines became a little crooked...rats! I did my best to just go with it...we'll see in a few days when it's all sewn together. It is busy...needs a little solid to unify it. Hopefully, no one in my house will want to use this blanket, considering when a Princess commercial comes on, the youngest says, "I do not want that!"

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

think alterations

If you love Def Leppard as much as I do, you will totally want this tank top! My sweet husband got this for me for my birthday. When I mentioned at the concert, that I wanted one, he listened!!! I think this might have been the last tank top in their store...which explains why it is a small, and I am definately not a small...hence...the reason I have a long sleeve shirt on under it!!! My sisters knew he was getting this, the only clue I got was, "think alterations." I am not sure just what I will do with this "little" gem, but I know one thing...I have to put my thinking cap on!!! Any ideas?

Crafting content coming soon!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

tell me why...

I would like someone to explain why I am ignored when I walk into a fabric store. Particularly a specialty fabric store. (I even get ignored at large chain stores.) I try to be kind, unoffensive and polite. I try not to bother the people working and figure things out myself. I wait my turn, even though I am usually the ONLY person in the shop. I get ignored and insulted. For the last year I have tried to "buy locally, " for two reasons. The first is I really like to physically see the fabric before I buy it. Second, I want to support local small business owners. I love to look at fabric on the internet...looks like I will be buying on the internet from now on. You snotty shop owners have insulted me one too many times. I'm going to Walmart, the only place where the fabric ladies speak to me. ( They even talk to my children, and smile!) I will have to buy my notions there...

A few months ago, when I was discouraged with the same thing...I considered opening my own fabric store. (I did lots of research.) I wanted to open a shop where there were fun projects hanging up, good looking fabrics, you know, the place you dream about walking into..can you see the stack of crafty magazines and books, right over there by a cute red velvet couch, begging you to sit down and find a really cool project. A great atmosphere and kind, helpful salespeople, fun classes. Whether you were new to sewing or a pro you would feel like you were appreciated when you walked in. I could do it, nothing is impossible, especially since it's something I love and I'm good at. As soon as my guys are old
Is the new generation of people who sew being treated like this? And why do these shop owners not see the potential income for them? All those old ladies aren't going to be able to quilt forever, you know. Open your eyes.

Friday, January 05, 2007

busy, busy, busy...

I have wanted to try and make a fabric scarf since I got the Denise Schmydt quilt book. I found a really cool mottled batik, and a couple other coordinates at the fabric store the other day. Add to that all the scraps I have and wholy moly...supercutestuff! You may recognize the large flower print and striped from the Christmas apron for TJ's teacher. Gosh, they don't itch at all!! I love knitted scarves, but they often itch all day!!! Also, not too warm or cool. Perfect. I can tell, they are going ot be addictive!!! Equally addictive as felting thrift store sweaters!!! Last week I hit the JACKPOT at the thrift store. I think I found 10 sweaters most of them felted beautifully, a few were duds. I really love cardigans and hate crewnecks, so I felt the sweater and then cut it up the front center. (After the second washing they look a little more finished.) I have to be careful not to over felt, the sleeves can get really small and the edge gets wonky. The biggest lesson I learned is to wash one sweater at a time...the different color fuzz takes a long time to pick off.

Ahhhhhhhh! I can't get this lined up...darn...I wish I know how to fix this stuff and put links on the sidebar, oh well.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

go ahead...laugh

Here is a picture of a "supercute" wallet. It was fun to make. I even used some of my favorite Amy Butler fabric....
Go ahead, usual, I started making this, I even followed the instructions from a nice little tutorial link from Craftster, ,added an extra little card holder, all by myself....maybe my seams were too big...
Only one side of the card holder has enough room to HOLD A CARD!!!! I will be spending some quality time with Elna tonight, this time I will make sure to take that little gift card down with me!!! Watch out, it might even have a coin purse, too!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

goals in 2007

After considering a list of resolutions/goals for this year, I decided that my only goal is to live a true and honest life. Lots of things can go under that "umbrella." Like, making my home the very best place for my family, be a good wife, mother, daughter and friend. Most importantly, being true to myself. Last year Ted asked what were my goals and dreams...I guess the only thing I have ever live an honorable life and have a happy family. Here's to 2007!

Monday, January 01, 2007

bracelet & bead love

Three bracelets I put together lately. Stringing is not my favorite thing to do. I tend to repeat stringings. The top bracelet uses head pins instead of beadalon wire, I got tired of re-stringing broken bracelets and decided if I "hinged" the parts together it would be less likely to break. Hopefully, in 2007 I will make more beads! This will require good time management when everyone is in school!!!