Monday, March 26, 2007

bye bye scarves...

I am very sad to see scarf season end. It was the year of the scarf for me, sewn or knitted. This one has a pocket in it...just big enough for a cell phone, keys, some cash and an i.d. It is made out of a pair of corderoys and Amy Butler scraps. I love the sweet little ruffle on the bottom.

For now, maybe a scarf made with some light weight cotton for a cool spring day.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Aren't these cute? I made them a few weeks ago during a very long snow storm. They are so much fun, cute, easy and quick!!! That instant gratification just makes me giddy. I found the pattern on Martha's website, it is Betz White's pattern. I watched when they ran the episode and that long snowy day was the perfect time to start up a little felted bakery!!! They look good enough to eat and share!

Our little trip to Taliesin has given me new energy to organize and purge...yes, it's a little difficult to believe but I am throwing & giving things away. The feeling of peace, due to lack of stuff, at Taliesin was something I craved after we left. I still have a long way to go....there are many dark little corners in my house. But slowly, I am going to get to all of them, then ask myself if I reaaalllyy need that cute little cupcake!!!

So off I go to clean a little more...stay tuned, I'll be back with some supercutestuff.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Oh, Taliesin...

This incredible image is from Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin in Scottsdale, AZ. We just got back from spending a long weekend there. I have always watched "Great American Castle's" on A&E, when Frank Lloyd Wright has been featured, I am in awe. We went on a 90 minute tour of Taliesin and were able to take photographs. I loved being there. I am ready to de-clutter my simply. I wonder if he was still alive if he could live as simply as he did 50 years ago. It's a good thing Spring is I can start cleaning things out! The image above is by Heloise Christa, I'm not sure of the title of this piece. I am thoroughly enamored with all of her work.
"The reality of the building does not consist in roof and walls but in the space within to be lived in." -Laotse This was on the back wall of the Cabaret at Taliesin. FLW was a true visionary...he has inspired me, all these years later.