Friday, December 29, 2006

oh happy day!

Oh! I am so excited, my sweet heart gave me a new camera for Christmas!! I LOVE to take pictures...then they just sit on the computer and I sit here and look at them. Maybe next year I will take one for my holiday card. (Oh yeah, those are still sitting on my they will have to be New Year's cards!)
Just before Santa was about to arrive, I finished the stocking for my 4 year old baby! I have been working on his stocking for three years, we found the unfinished stocking when we got the decorations out earlier this month. He was keenly aware his was missing, all those sequins and felt. Technically, it isn't complete...I used pins to attach the back, pathetic, i know. Now I have to make on for myself...I can't decide whether to keep the felt & sequin tradition or make something that has a little creative expression. Next year I will finish the backs of the stockings!!!
We had a wonderful Christmas. The boys had a great time on Christmas day playing and playing and playing some more. Time to get ready for Manhattan Transfer on New Year's Eve, and some amazing fireworks...gotta get the camera ready.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

teacher gift...

This is a picture of the apron I quickly sewed this morning for TJ's teacher. I absolutely loved these two fabrics together and had NO idea what I would use them they became a Kindergarten apron. Since there are boys in the class I thought the stripe side would be best out. The floral side is darling. One really big red pocket and a couple D-rings and it was complete!
Here it is all wrapped up! I sure hope she likes it! Most of the time she has an apron on in the classroom.
It was much cuter on than on the floor.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

It was time

As usual in December I get really frustrated with my hair. First, my hair falls out like a big hairy dog and clogs the drain. Second, the dry air wreaks havoc on my normally dry hair. Flat hair isn't very attractive. Third, and most important, don't get a perm...they suck! There is nothing else to do but get it cut off! I love the style. It dries in a three minutes, as opposed to 15 minutes! I was at school today and one of the teachers said, "Your haircut makes you look really 'put-together'." So, before...I looked bad and un-put-together?! hmmm.thanks, I love it!

This week has rocked! Most of the Classroom Projects are getting finishing touches. This is the 6th & 7th grade project. Each of the students made a God's Eye with embroidery floss and dowels. I let the kids choose two or three colors. The dowels were spray painted with brown paint and cut 2 inches long. All of them are hot glued in a shadow box frame. It is a really stunning piece of art. Hopefully, it will do well at the auction. I think it's cool that it represents each of them individually and as a whole. Man is it challenging to take a picture of something in a frame with glass!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This morning was the first morning I tried to have the lights come on before I woke up. Lately, I haven't been able to wake up (since Daylight Savings) So when Ted left for the gym I asked if he would turn the light on. It worked! Two weeks ago, I thought I had beaten Seasonal Affective Disorder!!! Then last week was cold and ugly. S.A.D. I think this light thing might just help!!!

Super busy around here. On the list for today, work on Kindergarten lap quilts, take finished classroom projects to school, pick up presents I ordered on-line, shop for a few more people, research cameras, carpool, Christmas program at school. Maybe, since I typed all of this out it will force me to actually accomplish all of this!!!