Thursday, August 31, 2006

free time...

School has started and all the spare time I thought I would have to make stuff has disapppeared! Between running errands and volunteer obligations I am busy! These cute sitckers have been waiting patiently to adorn an old suitcase...please, be patient a little longer! Maybe next week.

On another PR rant, I am so excited to see Angela go! I am hoping to see Jeffrey, Michael & Uli in the final three! Laura made an absolutely beautiful dress for jetsetting...her designs are beautifully made, but I don't know if she will last to the end... Now I want to go to Paris!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006

project runway rant...

What in the hell is this about? I loved Allison. Although, her recycled dress was not her best, all of her other challenges were great! Vincent, on the other hand, should be out. Did he get on just because he cashed in his 401K? He's nuts.

Another thing, please make Heidi shut up! Her remarks are, well, retarded! Shut up about hte mall, please. Could there be some different judges? Nina...boring. Michael Kors, I will let him stay just because he gives constructive critisism. Get some more qualified judges.

okay, I feel better.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

good laugh

Ted: "You guys think we're immature, but you girls are just as bad."

As he walks away I can hardly breath, from laughing. I think he might be right.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

cute and rosy, sort of!

Isn't it amazing how cute and productive my life looks on my blog? As I type, three boys are at various stages of volume...talking to me while I type, yelling how much he doesn't like what I am "making" him do (clean bathrooms), and the middle talking to himself quitely.
Little pink skirt with a drawstring cute. This print doesn't show the detail....I think I will need to make this in a solid. My in-house photographer was having trouble not wiggling the camara during the photo shoot...bless his heart for putting up with me.
Okay, I am a sucker for the magazines with the coupons at Hancock Fabric. The last time it was 50% off...with a link to a free pattern on a six panel drawstring skirt. I loved this fabric immediately, but couldn't come up with a skirt pattern on my own that didn't look like a table cloth. I used bias tape to make the hem and two of my lampwork beads for the ends of the drawstring. This pattern was easy and resulted in a cute skirt. I can see a variation on a theme in the future! Finally, my Amy Butler 'crack high'. I was flipping through my InStyle magazine and came across a little bag that was WAY out of can see where this is going....I decided to break out the green floral and companion print for this special occasion. The only trouble was the third print. It had to be funky and unexpected. I finally decided on the pink and brown multi stripe on the bias. This bag went together in a snap. I have to modify the straps...just a little longer...I can see more of these in the future. Which means a trip to the Quilted Moose!