Tuesday, February 27, 2007

mom where are you...

It's well know to my boys, when they yell, "mom where are you", I will answer, "in the computer room." Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to "finish" what I'm doing to help them with the t.v. channel, or whatever....the other day, my youngest came in with his airball gun and said, "I will not ask you again, get up now and come with me, now."

Thursday, February 22, 2007

a couple from the ufo pile

I have wanted to buy this Vogue pattern for a long time...so Hancock's had 75% off Vogue patterns...I can't decide if I like it or not. The zipper is a little flimsy for the size of the bag. The school secretary said it would make a great diaper bag if it were a little wider and deeper....I'm not getting pregnant to test out her theory!!!
I love the detail on this bag. I think I found this pattern on the Robert Kaufman website. I had lofty aspirations to make the quilt, too. I couldn't find the RK line at any of the LQS so I substituted a different b/w pattern. The size of this is perfect for carrying books and magazines. I can only carry this bag when cars are clean...otherwise the white stripes are grey. We are SOOO enjoying the warmer temps...all the snow is just about melted....ready for the next installment of winter.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

tutorial, pt. 2

Using a sewing machine stitch around each shape following the line. The double straight stitch or "stretch" stitch, is just a little more sturdy.
After you have sewn each shape, cut off your little threads. Remove the freezer paper. The stitch line creates a perforated edge, carefully fold it and gently tear. This is when the double/stretch stitch is crucial. Otherwise, the stitching could rip out.
Pinch and separate the t-shirt from the fabric and clip a little slit. Carefully cut around the stitched edge leaving an 1/8 inch of t-shirt next to the stitching.
easy peasy lemon squeezy! Supercutestuff!!!

freezer paper t-shirt reverse applique, pt. 1

1. Gather your supplies, you will need freezer paper, scissors, fabric, t-shirt, and a pen or pencil
2. Choose your word or design for your shirt. (On this shirt I used the same heart, repeating it three times) Cut your fabric about 1/2" inch larger than the image or letter. Repeat for each letter or shape.
3. Cut a piece of freezer paper the entire width of your t-shirt, and long enough to extend past your fabric pieces.
4. Lay your pieces of fabric right side facing you on the shiny side of the freezer paper. Gently "tack" them down by using the tip of the iron. (Don't lay the iron directly on the shiny side of the freezer paper.) Make sure you have shiny surface at least 1-2 inches around the outside edges of your design to stablize the t-shirt.
5. Turn your freezer paper and fabric over and position it on the front inside of the t-shirt. Make sure it is centered. Iron the entire piece.
6. Trace around your shapes and letters this will be your stitching guide...remember you will need to reverse your letters if you are using a word. Hold the shirt up to the light or window to check the position of the fabric.

Monday, February 12, 2007

have you seen my table?

We are still trying to find the kitchen table...in the meantime here are a few projects from the weekend. The pink quilt is already in use, even though it's not "finished." The safety pins don't seem to be a problem when you are laying on the couch. The consensus is it's "really warm, and perfect for laying on the couch." Hopefully, it will warm up soon so I can finish, hurry up Spring!
I am totally in 'love' with these t-shirts. I saw something similar and decided to try to make my own. (I just can't stomach paying $65 for a t-shirt) I used some of my "Bohemian" fabric and printed out the words, used some freezer paper and the stretch stitch...supercute!!! I can see many more of these in the future.

The grey scarf needs something else, I just haven't figured out what it is.

Friday, February 02, 2007

the countdown has begun

A couple of the finished classroom projects. Most of them turned out better than expected. The Kindergarten quilt I made is not what I had envisioned....oh well...still pretty cute! (no picture)We have a very small 8th grade class, only 11 kids. The collage above is a great representation of them. Hopefully, one of their parents will want this REALLY bad!!!
We did this project last year, I modified it since we had to make three of them!!! The wooden frame was spray painted (my new favorite thing!) then we used decoupaged the pics on, the cool thing is that the chalkboard paint and decoupage glue made a really cool texture. The white description is temporary...it's a picture frame. The auction is a week from tomorrow, a few stray projects to complete...so hard to depend on other people when you're a control freak! I need to figure out what I'm wearing....decisions, decisions...