Friday, September 22, 2006

Cables are for driving

Cable goodness! I loved this sweater when I saw it! I had to make it. I have to admit, I am making the large! "Tiny fit" isn't for me! Size 3 needles = lots of time! I can only knit a few rows in one sitting. Tomorrow we are driving for 3 hours so hopefully, I can make some progress. I have to reserve knitting for the car and football parties! (If I concentrate hard enough I can block out the sound coming from the TV!)

All my sewing projects are on the table waiting. The "neurotic" debate I clean or sew. . . . .sew!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Waiting for a ride

My littlest started pre-school, he was so excited on the first day. I love these bikes, all just waiting to be riden.

When did he get so big? When did he learn to speak in complete sentences? When did he get so demanding!?!?!

Lots of projects on the needles knitting and sewing machine!! Waiting for their ride!

The little man is waiting for his "ride."