Friday, October 10, 2014

Spring, Summer and Fall Update

 Last spring, Peg and I decided to raise 100 broiler chickens.  We built 2 movable pens, called "tractors."  Not sure why they call them tractors…we moved them around the perimeter of the garden, and at 7 and 8 weeks, they were processed.  Such a great feeling of accomplishment.
 Almost a year to the date of starting this quilt, it was finished.  Hopefully, it will provide some warmth and love to my sophomore at UNL….all the right colors, but with a little bit of personality.  Bosley (neighbor dog) gives it even more personality!
 Wow!  Continental knitting is SO awesome.  Loved this class, it will take some time, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it.
 This guy learned to wakeboard….miracles do happen!  Now, all the boys can go out together!
 The zinnias continue to be beautiful.  This is my favorite…a little inspired to make one out of t-shirt material.  Need to go get Princess Lasertron's flower book.
 Because we loved it so much, (insert sarcastic voice) we ordered 100 more broiler chicks.  We divided it up this time and added a third partner….we couldn't have done it without my good friend, Jaymie.  It will be worth it this winter when have a freezer full of chicken!
Another quilt adventure, this time with the Tula Pink Mystery Quilt on Craftsy.  Can't wait to learn how to use a long arm machine.  Planning on quilting this myself.  The Waterlouge app is completely addictive…trust me!
 Mother Nature is one amazing lady, the garden was green and bountiful.  From year to year, it is so different.  Peg, Jaymie and I learned what we like and what we won't plant next year.  The biggest surprise was how much we liked turnips…who would've guessed!
My time as a homeschool mom came to an end, as the beginning of a new school year started.  Both younger boys went back to school.  Both are thriving and loving it…I'm "shappy," happy for them and a little sad for me…searching for my "new" normal.  There's never a shortage of projects, just wish there was more time in the day.

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